Cynthia Nixon to endorse Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Progressive women to cross-endorse each other

Move comes as corporatist Democratic women still turn their backs on progressives

New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon is set to endorse Bronx-native and progressive Latina Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Congress one day before the Democratic Party primary election for New York’s Fourteenth Congressional District.

“Alexandria’s running an inspiring, insurgent, progressive campaign powered by the people,” said gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon, adding that, “She represents the future of the Democratic Party.” 

— The New York Daily News

In a mutual showing of solidarity, Ocasio-Cortez is also expected to endorse Nixon’s gubernatorial candidacy.

Both women are forgoing corporate donations and support a single-payer health care system, 100% renewable energy and abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

— The New York Daily News

Ocasio-Cortez faces the Queens machine boss, U.S. Rep. Joseph Crowley (Establishment-NY) in a primary election on Tuesday, whereas Nixon is set to face-off against Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Establishment-NY) in their own primary, on Sept. 13.

The way that Nixon and Ocasio-Cortez have expressed support for each others’ campaigns contrasts with their treatment from othern prominent Democratic Party women. Former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (Establishment-NY) have prominently called for the election of more women, but both have stood on the sidelines — by refusing to endorse either Nixon or Ocasio-Cortez, earning the ire of the progressive faithful on social media platforms, where, notably on Twitter, U.S. Sen. Gillibrand faced a backlash over her endorsement of Ocasio-Cortez’s establishment incumbent rival.

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